Magick Class

New Peace Within is now offering Magic classes in association with The Montclair Psychic School in Rutherford, NJ.

Cost: $85 per person.

Chaos Magic is a philosophy that allows you to experiment and be creative on how to draw the power you need to fuel your intentions. It is not a system of magic with designated rules and rituals, but a pragmatic free form expression of will. In this class, you will string together preexisting magical tools to create practical magic that works for you. Create quick spells for love, money, health, and demanding spells. Learn to create sigils and protection spells. Note taking is encouraged.

This is a 4-hour class and taught by Trance Medium Monique Bradshaw, a Candle Magic instructor, and practitioner of daily Chaos Magic. Monique will be available after the class for anyone who would like a psychic medium reading or additional consultation on Chaos Magic.

Included with this class: candles and herbs/oils to apply to candles.