Tarot Class

New Peace Within is now offering intuitive Tarot Reading Class classes in association with The Montclair Psychic School in Rutherford, NJ.

Cost: $45 per person

The Intuitive Tarot Reading class has been designed to get you started with tarot and to learn to read these cards immediately without the need for study. Learn to read for yourself and others, learn how to interpret the symbols and to tap into the information.

Bring along your own deck or use one of ours. We use the Rider Waite deck for training purposes. Use one of ours to practice if you do not have a deck of your own. We have decks for sale if you wish to buy one after the class or shop around and find one that you are drawn to before you make a commitment to any one in particular.

During this class, you will perform various readings for your class mates. We will talk to you about protection and how to clear your cards. You will also learn how to go about establishing yourself as a card reader. No previous metaphysical experience is necessary. Be prepared to stay a little longer if necessary.

What students say about Monique’s Tarot Class:

“Thank you! This class helped to quickly access my intuition.”

“Monique is very informative and explains everything in an easy manner. Wish it was longer!”

“I enjoyed the easy vibe of the instructor.”

“Enjoyed actually doing readings on other people.”

“The instructor was very open and engaging. I felt at home right away.”